Mathematics and AlgoTrading

El Mostafa Belkhayate, a well known public figure in stock trading industry, also CEO of Krechendo Managers. an international enterprise operating in Financial Market.

Belkhayate’s advanced mathematics background allowed him to first create his exceptional and revolutionary « Belkhayate Gravity Center Indicator », before stepping forward to create a robust yet an easy to use 6D Automated AlgoTrading System based on the same indicator that beat all records and ranked #1st at Los Angeles Automated  Trading Systems Championship in 2013.

His Automated Trading System was able to grab a clean and steady 6% return per month over a period of 24 months without any human intervention realizing by that the Top placement among hundreds of other competitors from all nations.


New Trading Strategies

Ten years ago, high-frequency trading used to account for no more than 30% of the global stock market transactions. Today, we are talking about 65%, a share that will most likely exceed the 85% in the near future.

Technical and graphical analysis are becoming more and more old. Traditional chart patterns like (shoulder-and-head, ascending triangles, oscillators, moving averages, etc.) are not only over-passed, but increasingly generate false or « FAKE » signals over time which is even worse.

Rules of trading have been changed, and all market players that want to keep profiting should adapt themselves to the new rules of the game. Those who refuse to change their old-fashion trading attitudes will not only be left behind, but also will easily hand their money over to big high frequency monster trading machines that trade 24/5, at an astronomic speed, with no emotions, no panic, and most importantly, with NO MISTAKES.


Reaching New All Time Levels


Technology that requires knowledge and expertise more than anything else.

While some professionals and big banks are still using the over-passed traditional trading methods, many smart hedge funds and big institutions already decided to switch towards AI based HF Trading technologies and count on machine learning power to execute smarter and more accurate trading investment decisions.

According to many published reports, Machine Learning and AI based Hedge Funds have managed to outperform generalized hedge funds as well as traditional quant funds decisively since 2010. In fact, AI funds achieved unprecedented net annual returns at a time that most traditional hedge funds in the industry are facing significant challenges across the globe.

TODAY, we got all required tools, technology and brains to get the most out of this  extreme intelligence of machine learning. We at MBK, use Artificial Intelligence to develop a suite of coordinated algorithmic trading programs to absolute returns of quantitative strategies by combining Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Social Trends and elements of neural artificial networks as well as genetic algorithms under the supervision and control of the most advanced AI machines ever created.


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