The Natural Hydrogen is the most effective Eco-friendly clean and renewable alternative of the next century to all existing polluting energies; it is a blessing for our children and for the next generations to come. Why ? Let’s dive in to discover.

The financial Markets got nothing to hide this 2019


  • Prices of money will certainly rise up resulting to an inevitable treasury bonds pull down across the entire world.
  • Major World Indices got no other choice either; the stock market indexes have trended decisively towards the end of 2018, whereas in general this period is generally conducive to a rise in equities. The current state of the US debt can be rotated and turned around, no credible person can publicly announce that all is well. The decline in the stock and bond market in 2019 is not only unstoppable but has become eagerly awaited to allow us to take a breath of fresh air and hope to bounce back.
  • Treasury Bonds dip will pull all commodities to up, resulting a price rise to all commodities especially the fast growing clean and renewable energy resources as we will see in details below.
  •  Now coming to the king of commodities, GOLD that has just broke through its 1280 strong resistance announcing clearly and loudly the amount of panic that covers all markets. Russians and Chinese seem to not find enough physical gold to collect and accumulate which shows clearly their strong desire to siphon the entire available physical gold in the planet.
  • All countries and portfolios overexposed to the US dollar will quietly witness a gradual yet a silent devaluation of their assets. No one can slow down nor the international trade operations that are free of the green bills (barter), nor the number of alternative investments other than the US dollar (crypto, blockchain, Chinese currency, gold).

Today, January 2019, I take the initiative to recommend a Canadian company called PETROMA which is about to become not only a leader in the production and distribution of energy in Africa but also the world’s pioneer in the production and export of natural hydrogen.

A natural resource that is about to switch the history of the entire mankind by providing a completely green energy for industries which will result to a more ecologic environment.

PETROMA has an exclusive license to search and operate on a large territory stockd (Block 25) in Bourakébougou southern Mali, around 60 Km from capital Bamako with a surface area of 43 174 Km² which is now home to the largest natural hydrogen deposit in the world. According to case studies made by credible experts, these deposits are literally unlimited because they are renewable. Natural hydrogen is listed among flow energy sources not stock energy.

 In order to build a production plant up to world’s norms and high standards, and to set up all distribution lines and logistics infrastructures, PETROMA Inc. has decided to put on the market 20% of its shares at the current rate of 10.82 Canadian Dollars. The probability of getting this price to skyrocket in the few coming months is high enough to recommend this project to all my followers.

And of course, explaining how to hold these valuable Assets or shares.


Hydrogen definitely and indisputably represents the current revolution of energy transition. Making it possible to produce electricity and heat by emitting nothing but water. From automotive to aeronautics, passing by locomotive of trains, Hydrogen proved its capabilities to adapt itself to all technological contexts.

 Germany has rolled out the world’s first hydrogen-powered train, signaling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with an eco-friendly technology. Toyota walked the same steps and launched its “Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle” announcing another step further towards a new Green Energy Era that can only make our lives easier, healthier and safer.

 Besides all, most if not all of today’s hydrogen is produced from carbon-based energies, ammonia plants and petroleum refineries. This essential brick for a world without carbon suffers from a terrible dependence on fossil fuels. To produce one single ton of hydrogen, 13 tons of carbon dioxide should be released. So are we doomed to boost the greenhouse effect to fight against climate change? This dilemma is probably solved.


The Largest Natural Hydrogen Deposit in the entire world has been discovered in West Africa, Mali.

In the mid 80s, water prospectors accidentally discovered a large field containing 98% of pure natural hydrogen. Built in 2012, a pilot plant provides electricity to the neighboring village using this hydrogen to produce electricity. 18 wells recently drilled by the company PETROMA (All 18 got positive natural hydrogen indices) allowing an accurate zone mapping to the entire Block. Five shallow tanks bunk (100 to 1,700 m) of transient hydrogen accumulation level extending over more than 20 km wide.

 The operating cost of this hydrogen will be significantly lower than its similar manufactured from fossil fuels, and also much lower than that of electrolysis. Many scientific and technical reports indicate that the hydrogen extracted at Bourakébougou (Block 25, Mali) was formed not long ago.

We are talking about the largest and biggest clean and renewable energy deposit that can not only cover Africa, but the whole entire world.

 As energy transition will certainly go through the mix in which hydrogen will gradually and consistently occupy more and more space. PETROMA Inc. intent and plans to produce electricity using natural hydrogen and solar, while keeping the doors open towards high production and international natural hydrogen export.

Three good reasons why first shareholders can expect a high ROI :

 1.    The carbon-free energy sector will be one of the most profitable sectors in 2019 and certainly for the years to come. The biggest private fortunes in the world have realized that they cannot keep relying that much on governments and have decided to join power and fight against climate change. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and others have formed a fast growing coalition power called (Breakthrough Energy) financing day after day all kind of projects mainly supporting clean and renewable energies.

2.    PETROMA Inc. will launch its own IPO during this year.

3.    The technical and graphical analysis of the stock shows a very promising bullish signals

Now let’s analyze what happened on the PETROMA Stock , since its creation in 2006.

  1.  The first thing that grabs expert’s attention is that PETROMA never corrected! Since its creation, the stock kept going bullish nonstop and its constantly growing.
  2.   We see a clear strong momentum around point A in the chart that is getting ready to explode towards up, investors who bought at 1 and 2 dollars did not take out their profits at 10.82. In similar cases, investors would usually have taken at least a small portion of their profits. The fact that no one has sold means that shareholders got credible and accurate information about the real size of deposit.
  3. Both supports 1 and 2 represent the major angles of the GANN method. They clearly show a strong acceleration from the summer of 2012 which corresponds to the date of putting into production the first pilot unit in the world of electricity production with natural hydrogen without CO2 emission. We could expect to move upwards once the first natural hydrogen shipment arrives in a European port and once the first large power station generating electricity from natural hydrogen will be commissioned.
  4. The most powerful indicator of the strong bullish signal in this chart is the little black line that begins with the letter A. It shows that since 2017, the shareholders are patient and confident in the future. It even gives the impression that they are not interested to sell at any price.

 Let’s now check the probability of PETROMA price evolution from a mathematical perspective using the Fibonacci rules

Here is a mathematical question that Master Fibonacci taught us to answer with Swiss precision: When a stock goes from 1 to 10.82 without correction while remaining stable for a long period of time, what is the amplitude of this major impulse?

  • The minor impulse from 1 to 10.82 is the first Fibonacci retracement of 78.6%.
  • From 10.82 to 18.58 second Fibonacci retracement of 61.80%.
  • From 18.58 to 24.05 third Fibonacci retracement of 50%.

 As a Result:

PETROMA is moving in a straight line with no likely correction towards 48.10 Canadian dollars! This price represents, coincidentally, the true value of a PETROMA share.

 Now the question that runs in your mind, How to buy PETROMA shares?

The private placement period is open for one month, starting today, Wednesday , January 16, until Friday, February 15, 2019. Simply fill out and send a subscription form (which I can send you upon request) to the PETROMA Lawyers firm in Montreal, Canada.

 During this subscription period, you benefit from privileged conditions:

1.    Regardless of the volume of requests, there will be no « slippage » fee. The purchase price will remain the same 10.82 Canadian Dollars

 2.    No subscription fees, you buy directly from the source.

 You have the option of receiving your shares into your bank account or receiving a certificate of your securities to your house.

 To Keep PETROMA Shares

This is not a regular investment. It is a high potential capital gain investment; this is why I strongly recommend to stay shareholder of what is most likely to become one of the most powerful natural hydrogen production companies in the world.

After the IPO and starting to get the hype around transition and carbonless energy, it is not excluded at all to start seeing 3 figures by share. At this moment, the banks will be smiling to give a value ahead of the securities.


« By 2050, we will have completely decarbonized the European Union, » Stated Climate and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete.

To achieve the objectives of the Cop 21, states have no other alternative rather than reducing or even eliminating the use of fossil fuels in the next decade in a context of increasing energy demand to satisfy bulimia of electricity needs of technological equipment and computer servers.

The World Bank and other financial institutions have publicly announced that after 2019, they will stop funding fossil fuel projects. On the other hand, we have billionaires and institutional investors who are ready to support any project aiming to protect the planet.

The Natural Hydrogen is an effective alternative for all the existing polluting energies; it is a blessing for our children and for the next generations to come after. That’s why I strongly recommend to participate in this project.

Mostafa Belkhayate, 3 Stock Analyst Awards

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